Stress Installed The Buttons It Pushes

The title to the 1966 musical, Stop the World: I Want to Get Off could be the battle-cry for millions of stressed and overwhelmed workers.

Anxiety and stress are two of the worst problems facing today’s worker. They contribute heavily to the corrosion of productivity and effectiveness.

Both Bert Webb’s post, Staying Productive Despite Overwhelm, at Open Loops and How to Manage Workplace Stress by EDBRAVO aka ED….the BULL, at EVERY WORKER’s WITS add some perspective to the problem.

Bert cites the Center for Creative Leadership as saying that our tendency to react rather than to respond under stress is a built-in mechanism, something akin to the fight or flight feelings we experience under duress.

. . . we need to deal with the stress of being overwhelmed. Learn stress management strategies and implement them. Also, put procedures in place to shunt conditions that contribute to overwhelm away from you. –Bert Webb

Everyone needs to and can feel an element of control, even when control is in the hands of someone else. No one can afford to allow overbearing or difficult people to make unreasonable demands that result in the kind of overwhelming stress that causes anxiety.

That said, it follows as the day the night that, if you’re not one of the top dogs, you’re likely to get kicked off the porch now and then.

Deadline pressure is inevitable . . . (and) filters down through the hierarchy at the workplace. If extra pressure is being put on your boss, chances are that his/her boss is being pressured. Chances are even greater that you will be pressured. –ED….the BULL

Prioritizing, scheduling, and organizing bring some semblance of control into the picture. Proper rest, diet, exercise, and entertainment are essential to maintaining a hold on center. In short, be good to yourself.