Do You Want It? Say So!

What we want and what we don’t want can cause a lot of confusion to us. Therefore, what we say to ourselves and what we think we say to ourselves plays a major part in what we get and what we do.

Even though we’ve heard, time and again, that it’s necessary to keep a positive focus, it’s an easy slip for the subconscious to become the masochistic saboteur of our dreams and goals.

At thetimemastry Amanda discusses a simple, but often overlooked, remedy for non-supportive mind chatter in Time At The Subconscious Level.

Start being grateful for what is in your life right now … The object of your subconscious is to manage your time, hit your goals, and be stress free. Like attracts like. By appreciating what you have now, you will be a happier individual. Emotions add to your feelings bad or good which strengthens the process. –Amanda

It’s just as easy for positive thoughts to take root as it is for negative; go with the momentum of the positive. Life becomes less of a challenging fight when we take control of our minds to reinforce what we do want, and release ourselves from the confusion that comes when we concentrate on what we don’t want.

In What do you want? at The Fast Lane, Steve Johnson acknowledges that it often takes a little more effort to concentrate on the “do wants”, but the rewards are worth the work.

So get clear on your goals–what you want. You have to be focused here on what you want. You want prosperity, not ‘to get out of debt’. You want fitness and vitality, not ‘to not be fat’. You want confidence and enthusiasm, not ‘to not be afraid’. –Steve Johnson

Our manifestations always appear in our lives in some form. When we work with our generous Universe, we don’t get what we don’t want.