We Are The Best Roses

There’s something we, as bloggers, do every day: we connect with other bloggers. We comment to other writers as a matter of course, yet, in the doing, we lift ourselves and everyone whose lives are touched by that comment. We’ve participated in the miracle of human connection.

Each day, we take ourselves out of what Mike Sansone calls, “middle-minded mental makeup”. By our comments, encouragements, conversations, we move the otherwise ordinary action of passively reading blogs to the extraordinary realm of living in an active community.

In Mike’s post, Quotes n Notes: Extraordinary, at Conversations, he urges us to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary by not falling prey to the second-guess questions. The timing? The timing is always right to extend our good manners and well wishes. Who might be doing the same thing? That’s a question that deserves a big “who cares?” The payoff? That’s a question that deserves a conscience examination. A possibility of failure? This must be one of the poorest excuses in the book.

I see too many folks waiting for the extraordinary or remarkable situations where they can step in and…what…ride on the situation’s coat tails? Can we not take an ordinary opportunity and amplify it into an extraordinary experience? –Mike Sansone

With that in mind, we can all take a page from Rosa Say’s Talking Story book and remember how we felt, and sometimes still feel, when a post appears to go un-noticed. All of us can remember that feeling of being ordinary. Forward, now, to the thrill and excitement you felt when that first comment validated your work as being special. It wouldn’t hurt any of us to spread that kind of encouragement and validation; to amplify the ordinary. Rosa addresses this subject beautifully in her post, Comment and Connect.

For someone to comment and speak to me, or trackback and actually write a post of their own that connected to the provocation of mine, well, that was mind-blowing. –Rosa Say

When we step away from our comfortable circles and discover what’s waiting for us, we normally find more joy than we need to out-ordinary everything that even remotely looks like it’s ordinary. Don’t merely smell the rose, give it to someone else.