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Women as a new recipient of payday loans

Until recently, a woman was not the addressee of marketing activities on the part of loan companies. Shifting attention to female sex when profiling the offer meant giving up men as recipients. A critique at A new target for non-bank companies This, in turn, threatened the failure of the project – a limitation on […]

Credit Bureau with free credit experience.

5-minute rule for the Credit Bureau-free credit experience Basic lending information that you can enjoy today. Don’t go out and open 4 cards at a time, but always try to vary the forms of credit you have. Another way to start building credits is to set up an authorized user on someone else’s credit account. […]

Small credit without credit check.

Credit without credit reporting You can find more information about credit without credit reporting here. In this case you should make sure that this data is deleted as soon as possible. Blind credit without credit check – immediate payment For many consumers, it is very important to receive a credit immediately. Very often, a flash-coupon […]

Loan search – Where to find the best loan

You should only look for a Credit Bureau-free loan if you really have a negative Credit Bureau entry and have been rejected by several banks. Please note that the interest rates for a Credit Bureau-free loan are significantly higher than for “normal” loans. When a loan is requested from a bank, the bank first receives […]

What is an anonymous credit card?

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of this credit card? All personal data, the associated bank account and the billing address are given on the magnetic track of every bank or credit card. Authorities such as the employment or tax office can access your data in Germany at any time and track your expenses. […]

Credit risk: what is it?

What happens when, after contracting a financial product, the investor does not recover the investment in the time and installments established in the contract? What happens at that time is what is called “credit risk”, that is, the probability that one of the parties to the financial product contract will default on its contractual obligations […]

Home loans: Check out our tips

What is a home loan? Measures to renovate, modernize or expand your home are expensive. The purchase of furnishings can also cost money. Own resources are often insufficient and the planned measures cannot be implemented without a loan. On the other hand, the credit requirement is usually not that high. The effort associated with a […]

Mortgage loan for house or apartment renovation

  Looking for a debt for renovation, you will definitely come across a mortgage that will provide additional funds for this purpose. A mortgage, due to loan collateral, is an offer that has the lowest cost in the debt market. Do you want to renovate your apartment quickly without waiting for you to save the […]