Is Blog Surfing The Next Big Thing?

Blog Carnivals are cool. When we participate by submitting, they’re a way to get a little more notice, maybe a little more recognition, perhaps more subscribers, maybe even a little more money. When we participate by reading, they’re a way to find new friends and give them recognition, perhaps like what they say well enough to subscribe, maybe even find one of their affiliate ads interesting.

Today was the Working at Home Blog Carnival – Twenty-second Edition at Joe Hauckes blog, Working at Home on the Internet. It was a full house with plenty of good reading.

Andy Merrill’s submission, Top Traffic Exchange Site for Blogs, at Jigsaw he’s Rants & Reviews caught my attention because the idea of blog traffic exchange sites never crossed my mind before. (Is there life under this rock?)

Andy’s recommendation is BlogMad. This being a new concept to me, it seemed like it might be worthwhile to give it a try. Well, there’s nothing to lose and maybe something to gain.

First impression? Only surfed twenty-five blogs; didn’t care for any of them. But that was only twenty-five, so let’s wait to see what happens Part of my live sex chat brand is about celebrating the new and diverse ideas of all of us. BlogMad brings the new and diverse.

Bring Some Fun To Your Thinking

Random: Want of definite aim or intention. Something done, made, or chosen without method or purpose.

Serendipity: The faculty of happening upon or making fortunate discoveries when not in search of them.

Most of us spend most of our days stuck in patterns that tend to cripple creativity. There’s something to be said for the comfort of sure patterns, for knowing everything has a place and is in it. On the other hand, there might be more to be said for the freedom and spontaneity of tossing our lives with the random ideas and thoughts that result in serendipity.

Learning to enjoy the adventure and kaleidoscopic effect of working in a random world opens us to a myriad of possibilities.

To read all about it, see Kathy Sierra’s post, Add a little more random to your product on jasmin live site, at Creating Passionate Users as well as Roger von Oech’s post, Use A Random Idea As An Oracle, at Creative Think.

Often those ideas that initially seem the least relevant become the most important ones of all because they point to something that you’ve been completely overlooking. –Roger von Oech

Very few problems have only one solution. Three plus five equals eight and twelve minus four also equals eight. Yes, the example does relate to random and our need to be open to all possibilities. So often, we tend to tunnel-vision ourselves into believing that twelve minus four isn’t even in the equation. Anything is in the equation as long as it equals eight.

When business people start to look at things with imaginative eyes, wonderful things happen. Customers and clients have a reason to take that second look.

Perhaps the best way for us all to up our chances for serendipity is to cultivate diversity wherever, however, whenever we can . . . if we can give our users a few more moments of serendipity, we’re giving them a wonderful gift. –Kathy Sierra

The best thing we can do for ourselves is learn to stretch our imaginations with open minds. Let those new and different thoughts run their course and watch the creativity blossom.

Feed Readers Are Stifling Us

Most of us subscribe to many blogs and love our feed readers. Most of us rely on them to contact with our favorite peeps and to do our research. Actually, most of us never leave that comfort.When my computer went down last Friday night and Jill (my niece) let me use hers, there was no feed reader. OMG! What to do? Um, go back to another square.

It’s been an interesting several days, because, instead of bringing up NetVibes, it’s become necessary to come up with “Plan B”.

Do you have any idea how many good writers are out there? Sure, the research for “Blogs du jour” takes more time, but the time is nothing compared to those newly-found jewels.

For a day, or maybe a few days, try living outside of your cozy feed reader. Let yourself pick up on something new by clicking on a livejasmine blog through a comment. Check out what’s listed on the Blog Rolls. Hit some of the listings on The Good Blogs or the MyBlogLog widgets.

Technorati says there are 55 million of us.

It’s Still Blogtipping Day; I’m Not Too Late

Even though the first of the new month always comes directly on the heels of the end of the old month, and even though Blogtipping Day is always on the first, this one of us had to be reminded.

Therefore, the first of my tips goes to Char at Casual Keystrokes. Thank you, Char, for the reminder.

Our smart-alek saying, “it’s Greek to me” has little meaning anymore, since Klearchos Guide to the Galaxy came on the scene. Klearchos is proving that language needn’t be a barrier.

This year, the newly coined term “Chicago in May” is synonymous with SOBCon07. Will you be there?

Andy Wibbels and his “Secret” experiment was mentioned in an earlier post, but still deserves a tip.

The celebration of books at Joyful Jubilant Learning was mentioned earlier, as well, but you can never say enough about the power of books and learning.

Ok, that’s it. No, it wasn’t the usual “three pats on the back and one tip”, but this way works, too.

Be Slow, Be Steady, Be True To You

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” It grows slowly and with a whole bunch of loving care. And your business grows the same way.

There should be no argument that any business would rather have slow and steady growth than be a flash in the pan. But the Industrial Revolution, and the thought processes it brought with it, has muddled the idea that, in the long run, the tortoise gets a better deal than the hare.

Look to David Maister’s post, The Size and Growth Impulse, at Passion, People and Principles and to Doug Karr at On Influence and Automation and his post, Undestanding Spheres.

It’s the chipping that counts. It’s the little bits of work that no one recognizes that makes us better. And, ya know what? It’s those tiny chipping bits that will bring us to the finish line.

Life isn’t a 30-minute sit-com. We can’t expect success to happen NOW. It doesn’t work that way. Real success comes from action. We need to continuously work on the quality of our plans to get to the finish line of our goals.